Gluten-free Pasta with Vegan Pink Sauce

Normally I wouldn’t bother with pasta at all while adhering to a gluten-free diet, but this pasta from Bionaturae is so good, that you will barely notice the difference, add to it this amazing Vegan Vodka sauce and you won’t feel like you are on a restricted diet:

IMG_3154 (I used spaghetti for this dish, the elbow is better used for mac & “cheese”)

Cook pasta as instructed. Meanwhile, prepare your sauce:


1/2 cup cashews (can soak in filtered water for 20 minutes, but don’t need to)
1/4 cup filtered water
2 tablespoons quality, organic tomato paste
Spices (i like: himalayan salt, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, red chili powder, basil, thyme and fennel)
Grapeseed oil
Olive Oil

Mix cashews, water, spices and tomato paste in food processor (even a mini will do). Blend until smooth. The nuts will still be visible, but it will add a nice texture, like a pesto.
If the color is a light red, you have the right paste to cashew ratio.

Chop some shallots or garlic and onion and heat in grapeseed oil (high heat and adds a nice buttery flavor) until glassy, then add a shot of vodka, stir then add the sauce and stir. Add more water as needed. Reduce heat to very low and cover. Drain pasta rinse a bit, then return to pot with some olive oil. Add sauce and combine on a medium flame. Stir for 30 seconds. At this point the sauce will appear pink.

Garnish with Italian parsley and if desired a dash of red chili pepper flakes.

(picture of final product to follow)

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