Basic Green Drink

All ingredients are Organic

Makes about 32 oz, depending on your juicer.

1 bundle of Kale*
1 bundle of parsley or cilantro
1 bag of baby Spinach (~ 6oz)
1 lemon with peel
2 cubes of ginger
1 handful of broccoli
2 apples **
1 cucumber (the fat, waxy ones, not hothouse)
1 parsnip
3 leaves of dandelion

two leaves of red chard or 1 small beet

Wash all ingredients, including the pre-washed spinach (this is just a rinse compared to other ingredients)
Peel ginger and cucumber (too waxy), cut butts off of kale, parsnip and parsley, cut-out apple cores…if apples are waxy, peel them also.
The apples can be cut into fours or even halves, the cucumber can stay whole, but the lemons, especially with the peel on, like to jump out of the
juicer, so I recommend cutting the lemon into smaller pieces and setting the juicer to a lower setting.

Add to juicer in no specific order, but I like to add cucumber last to make sure less juicy items like ginger pass through.

Add two cubes of ice to container, stir. Add two cubes to 16 oz glass, pour and serve.

*I have used both the curly kale and the dino kale (dark green long-leafed) and both taste about the same.
** see my link on apple sweetness. I prefer sweeter apples, but that is a matter of preference.

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