Fresh Garbanzo Beans-snack

This recipe is easy and takes about 20 minutes to prepare. The result is a healthy, albeit messy treat.


Fresh garbanzo beans in pod. Spices. High heat oil (e.g. safflower or coconut)
Cooking time: about 20 minutes

Wash pods and remove the funky ones.
Heat oil on medium and add spices
Stir around to get spice aroma, about 5 seconds worth.
Add beans in pod and up heat to high
Let them crackle a bit, you’re basically frying them.

(This is what they look like before you add water and simmer)

When they start to get a little darker add enough filtered water to cover the bottom of the pan.
Cover and let simmer until water is pretty much absorbed.
At this point I like to let them brown a bit, but that is a matter of preference. The key is to get them cooked, that may mean
adding more water. A little at a time and covering. They will get a bit deflated and turn a darker green. Try one of them by shelling and eating the bean.
When it’s soft, they’re done.

    Spices I use:

Sea salt
Red Chili pepper

Note: if you choose to use black pepper-add this at the end as it tends to get bitter if added too early.

Serve them in a bowl with a an additional bowl for discarded pods. You basically open them like peanuts..very messy peanuts, so don’t drop the shell on the floor hoping to create a saloon.

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